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Company Policies

  • Billing/Late payments: Lawn Maintenance accounts are invoiced at the time of each service with monthly balance due by the 7th of the next month. Example: April’s account balance would be due by May 7th. A late fee of 10 percent of the balance per day is applied to over due accounts. Landscaping jobs may require a deposit and are due in total upon completion. A  five- day grace period is applied before late fees.  You may put a credit card on file and with permission your account will be billed monthly or after completed landscaping jobs.



  • Scheduling: Each lawn will be mowed on a weekly basis from approx. April-November to achieve a Pristine cut all season long. Occasionally a week may be skipped if we incur extreme heat and no rain. Each mowing includes edging, trimming, mowing and blowing off hard surfaces. Trimming does not include any weeds or grasses in flower beds. Additional property maintenance services such as weeding, bushes trimming, etc. can be added.


  • Cancelation: If an issue arises with our services please let us know so we can address it. If you do need to cancel, you may with two weeks notice with no early termination fee. There is an early termination fee equal to 200% of the cost to service your property for two weeks.


  • Trash/Debris: Unless otherwise discussed please make sure to clean up any trash, dog/kids toys, hoses, etc. from your lawn for your mowing day. While we don’t mind moving a toy or two we cannot be responsible if an item is hit.


  • Dog Waste: Unfortunately, we have learned that when we are trimming if the yard has not been picked up it creates a mess all over the operator. This is also a health hazard for our staff. A small amount of dog poop can be host up to 23million fecal coliform bacteria. Another issue is that it gets all over our mower tires. When this happens we are required to go to a car wash to clean the tires before the next yard. If we don’t take the time to clean the tires we are damaging other client’s lawn. A regular hose does not have enough pressure. Dog waste is actually toxic to lawns and get cause unsightly brown spots. We have implemented a surcharge up to $30 if the lawn is not cleaned up. I am going to be taking this case by case as this is NOT an attempt to increase revenues. The surcharge is intended to help offset the time, lost revenue, and expenses for cleaning.

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