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While the colors are pretty, it just means winter is around the corner. What do you guys d


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We do our leaf cleanups on an hourly basis utilizing commercial equipment. Starting with our top of the line commercial backpack leaf blowers, we blow all the leaves to the street, including those in your flower beds.  Then we proceed to use our giant commercial leaf vacuum to remove the leaves from your property. This vacuum is amazing! It makes mountains of leaves disappear into our trailer where it is taken to a composting facility to be repurposed. No more bagging leaves all day!  In most cases, when access and conditions allow, we try to finish off the service with a fresh lawn mowing + bagging.  This is also a great time for some landscape TLC. Many plants prefer to be pruned or cut back in the cooler fall months. 


While our equipment plays a large role in our efficiency, our team is where magic happens.  When we are servicing your property you won't find us playing games on our cell phones. You will find us working hard the whole time to provide you a Pristine service. We take pride in being efficient and effective. We're confident you will be impressed with how fast the leaves are removed. 


Our hourly rate is $95 per man hour and a per-service dump fee of $35. An estimate is to be provided before service.  Wet and/or frozen leaves may take longer to clean up. Payment is due within 5 days of service. Late fees may be applied on the day 6 if the payment is not received.


Please note that the above pricing is an estimate. Actual charges may vary. If the estimated time is to exceed 0.75 man hours, Pristine will reach out to discuss before continuing. 


While Pristine does everything we can to honor the schedule, there are outside variables that we cannot control. We provide the projected date(s) of service but we DO NOT schedule appointments for leaf cleanup.

Cancellation Policy:

If the agreement has been approved and you must cancel, we require 5 business.  Failure to give sufficient notice may result in an early cancellation fee equal to 25 percent of the estimated cost. Pristine Landscapes reserves the right to use their discretion if cancellation fees are implemented. 

Don’t forget that we offer a variety of hardscaping and  landscaping services throughout the Kansas City Metro.

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